Great Victory Day!

On the eve of the Great Victory Jubilee, the staff of JSC FAIC Yakutia congratulated its veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers and children of the war.

May 9 is a special and sacred date in the history of Russia. Every year in these May days, our people recall the terrible years of the war, honor the memory of fallen heroes, and bow to the living. Unfortunately, the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory takes place in a pandemic, but even in this situation the Yakutia FAPK team did not leave their veterans without attention. Moreover, in today’s circumstances requiring extreme security measures, worship of the heroes of the winners takes on a special meaning. The management and the trade union committee of the corporation prepared gifts for veterans of FAIC Yakutia and delivered food packages and financial assistance to their place of residence, of course, observing all the necessary antiviral measures: masks, gloves, sanitizers.

Happy Victory Day! May the courage and heroism of this great holiday never be forgotten by anyone! And let the whole world always live in peace, and only this sacred holiday reminds of wars!