Healing herbs, roots and fruits collected in unique ecologically clean areas of the region interact with each other to create an inimitable bouquet of aromas and contain a whole arsenal of useful properties.

"The abundance and power of the Yakutia nature!"

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Perfect taste is achieved thanks to a unique combination of aromatic thyme and cladonia alcohols.

“Perfect with planing!”

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Contains 18 fragrant infusions healing herbs, roots and fruits that grow exclusively in Yakutia.

“The power of Yakut nature!”

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Consonance aromatic alcohols cladonia and oats in perfect harmony with alcohol of the class "Alpha"

“Amazing balanced taste!”

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Made by German technology.

“Honest and noble taste in every drop!”

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Premium vodka will perfectly highlight the status of any event. A drink worthy of high society.

"Vodka for the elite!"

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The history of winemaking in Yakutia dates back to 1902, when the first wine warehouses were built.

  • Distillery
  • Baylovsky distillery

    Baylovsky distillery is located in the Tambov region. It was built and commissioned in 1913 with a production capacity of 200 decalitres of alcohol per day.

  • Baylovsky distillery
  • Brewery

    The first beer in Yakutia began to brew in the middle of the XVII century in the Yakutsk prison. But the official history of brewing in Yakutia begins in 1908.

  • Brewery
    • Company FAIC "Yakutia"

      The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the first in the list of the largest constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which occupies a vast territory in the north-east of the country. This is the land of rich history, culture and traditions ...

      Today the corporation produces more than 55 types of alcoholic beverages, including both ordinary vodka and special ones, as well as tinctures, balms, beer, kvass, soft drinks and non-carbonated drinks and drinking water from an artesian well

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